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Donuts with Daddy & Loving Life in FL

Besides a nasty and thankfully short lived stomach virus that invaded everyone but me, we had a great weekend! We enjoyed the day outside on Saturday and had donuts on the porch Sunday morning! Morgan thoroughly enjoyed her donuts but Paige didn’t get any, you might be able to tell by the picture that she didn’t mind not having one!

After church on Sunday we made a quick trip to Dothan to see if we could find a place to live, no luck there but we were able to mark some trees at our lot that need to be cut… a small step, but a step nonetheless!

It was another gorgeous 77 degree day with sunshine and blue skies! We met daddy for lunch at MoMo’s pizza and ate outside! (that’s Morgan sitting at the table with her big girl drink) Another reason why we love living down south… eating outside in February… it can’t be beat! Mom and Dad, have I convinced you to leave IL yet? 🙂

Time to get dinner started!!

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  • Erika McPherson
    February 26, 2007 at 3:54 pm

    Hi Morgie and Paiger Rager. It’s Mommasissy here. I love you, I hope you visit me this weekend. Nell-Nell and Paisley send their kisses. You are such angels, I can’t wait til you live in Dothan and come see your Mommasissy for long weekends! XOXOXO