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Pump Up the Jam and Enchiladas (finally!)

The Rager this morning in her highchair and Morgan opening an Easter package from her Kaye Bird!
It was such a fun treat for her to wake up to! Thanks Kaye Bird!!

Mark Wheeler (my dr at the hospital who used to be in our Bible study) called me yesterday morning to fill me in on the results of the Echo cardiogram they did on Saturday before I left the hospital. I expected to hear from him sooner but figured no news was good news. I contacted my primary care doctor and they advised me to call the ER for the results; that sounded so far from what I thought I should do that I disregarded it. My doctor’s office told me they’d have the results by my follow-up appointment on Monday. So, I left well enough alone and figured I’d find out more Monday. When Mark called yesterday he informed me that the results came in on Sunday from the first cardiologist and he wanted to consult with another cardiologist and my primary care dr before contacting me and that is why it took several more days. He said that the “Echo” showed that my heart doesn’t “squeeze” or pump very hard. He explained that the average person’s heart will squeeze or pump out 60% of the blood that is in it. So, if a heart holds 100cc of blood it would squeeze out 60cc of the blood with every pump (or beat). Mine showed that it only squeezes out 45% of the blood. He said it’s unusual for someone my age to have this. He didn’t use any medical terms, probably so I wouldn’t look it up on the internet and freak out like I did last night. He said they may see this on someone who has a long history of alcoholism… which he knows I don’t have. Anyway, he told me several times not to worry about this (perhaps he knew I would) but told me that they would be referring me to a cardiologist for a consultation to do another Echo in a couple months. He did say that it was an “incidental finding” and that I didn’t show any symptoms of someone who has a low ejection fraction (that’s the medical term for it that I found online last night). I asked if it was a side effect of the medication I had while in the hospital and he said it wasn’t likely. But it could possibly be related to my pregnancy… which was 8+ months ago. He also said it could change. So for now I’m trying not to worry about it and pray that it will change and not effect me in any way. We would very much appreciate prayers for this!

Ok, so now for those tasty “crock pot” enchiladas I made last week. I basically made the recipe up so feel free to change it anyway you want, but this way tasted pretty darn good!

1 package of chicken tenderloins (the precut strips) I don’t remember the weight but it was about 8-10 strips
2/3 of a jar of salsa (I used Medium)
1 can of Enchilada sauce (I used the brand that makes the refried beans, it’s a red and yellow label and with the beans– I think it’s Old El Paso or something like that)
1 package of soft taco shells
1 package of shredded cheddar
sour cream

Put the chicken tenders, salsa, and about 1/2 cup of water in the crock pot on high for 3.5 to 4 hours. Take the tenders out and shred them with 2 forks. They will be very easy to shred. Add the shredded chicken back to the crock pot and add 1/2 the can of Enchilada sauce. Stir all ingredients and let them simmer for a few minutes. Preheat the oven to 350 and fill each soft taco shell with the chicken and top with cheese. Roll the soft shell up and place the seam side down in a baking dish. Once all your enchiladas are filled and in the dish, top with the rest of the enchilada sauce from the can (or you could also add the sauce from the crock-pot) and smother with the shredded cheese. Bake at 350 for about 20 mins or until all bubbly and hot! Top each enchilada with a dollop of sour cream. We served with chips and salsa. Saffron rice (the yellow rice) would have been good too… we just didn’t have any handy!

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