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Easter Weekend

We had a delightful weekend in Dothan… once we got there! We intended to leave Friday evening but instead didn’t get out of town until Saturday morning. We arrived just in time to hunt Easter eggs. I accidentally forgot the girls winter snowsuits, boots and earmuffs so they had to freeze in just their street clothes! I’m not sure I’ve ever felt a colder Easter weekend. Morgan loved the Easter egg hunt this year and was definitely more into it this year than she was last year. PopPop played “Easter Egg hider” and we think he may have received a pink slip already. The eggs were placed in the most hazardous & precarious of locations. I thought by the end of the hunt we’d have to set up a first aid tent to dress all the hunting wounds. GiGi promised to hide them next year and to not place them in the rose bushes and sago palms, both of which have razor-like thorns. Thankfully all the egg hunters survived with just a couple battle wounds.
Saturday night Morgan and Judson dyed Easter eggs and had a blast. I’m so sad that I don’t have any pictures of this event… they’re on Kathie’s camera and I will certainly have to see if I can get the copies. They were so funny in their aprons and no shirts. Both took the job very serious and did wonderful. We had a variety of colors and they all turned out beautiful. We may just have to make a tradition of it!
I always think (for some reason) we can get to church on time. I figured if we’re up before 8 for a 10:15 service there’s no way we could possibly be late… I’m wrong every time. The girls enjoyed their Easter basket and we enjoyed Krispy Kreme doughnuts. We heard a wonderful message @ First Pres (when we finally got there) of the joy we can find in the empty tomb. It was a wonderful message of hope and encouragement. We arrived home shortly before all the cousins. GiGi prepared a wonderful Easter lunch and the kids all enjoyed Easter baskets from GiGi & PopPop.
We made it home around 9:30 last night and we’re recovering from an action packed weekend. The girls and I went to playgroup this morning and shortly before we left Little Rager started vomiting. When I got her home she continued and ran a fever. She’s down for her nap now and I’m hoping she’ll be better after her nap. I hear her stirring so I better run!
Here’s a link to our pictures from this weekend…

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  • Erika McPherson
    April 9, 2007 at 4:05 pm

    XOXOXO love you all!! Wish we could have been together for Easter… maybe next year!