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Camping (with a cat)

She is her mother’s daughter!

We are settling in more and more everyday. Morgan has made a new friend. His (or maybe her) name (according to Morgan) is “Squash”. Not as in “to smash” but as in the plant you put in your garden. She gave him a tour of our carport and told him about everything that was in the carport that belonged to her. The cat thoroughly enjoyed the tour and was especially fond of Morgan’s little tummy that hangs out over her shorts. That tail would twist and turn and wrap itself around her tummy and she would giggle and say, “That tickles kitty!” I couldn’t resist taking about 500 pictures. She was pretty gentle with him but I continued to remind her that not all cats are nice. So she told Squash about 20 times that “not all cats are nice”! 🙂 Enjoy the slideshow.

For those of you who may not be familiar with Dothan, we live in an area called the “Garden District”. It’s absolutely a beautiful area of all older homes. Probably one of Dothan’s first neighborhoods. It has mature trees and nice, well cared for lawns and houses. Most of the houses have been updated or completely replaced with a new home leaving just a few “peeling paint rentals” (like the one we’re living in). It reminds me a lot of the neighborhood that George Banks and his family live in in Father of the Bride. It’s very quaint and just makes you smile to walk up and down the streets. I met a nice man the other day named Mr. Wood while I was walking with the girls. He has a beautiful rose garden and cut Morgan 4 beautiful roses. Yesterday when I was telling Tami how nice he was, she said, “You know who that is don’t you? It’s Ashley Maddox’s father-in-law” Which would be Brett and Maggie Wood’s dad. I never put two and two together!

Yesterday, Paiger and I walked over to Tami’s and on the way I saw the most meticulous yard I have ever seen. The grass was immaculate, they had a beautiful rose garden, and about 40 of the most beautiful blueberry bushes. Justin and I are in the market for blueberry bushes for the farm so I was drooling over them as I walked by. I noticed the owners were sitting in their carport so I decided we’d drop in and ask them a few questions about their bushes. As I walked up they had their backs to me so I said, “Excuse me, I don’t want to startle you, but I want to talk to you about your blueberries.” I was rather taken back with, “Oh, hey Darby, how are you!?” they replied. It was the Ganter’s. We all laughed because I had no clue I was at their house. I got a quick tour and a brief history of the bushes and I told them I’d be bringing Justin back for a field trip! I was also informed that I’d have to beat Chris to the blueberries when they’re ripe… thankfully I’m about 3 hours closer (and 8 doors down)!

We’ve decided to look at our time in this house as a camping experience; trying to get by on the bare essentials! Justin made the term “camping” a little more literal when I could hear him calling for me yesterday morning from the bathroom. I walked in and asked him what he needed, I thought he would ask for a bar of soap, a washcloth, but no, he was asking that I bring him his flip flops before he got out of the shower. I laughed pretty hard at the thought of my very manly archaeologist husband not wanting his clean bare feet to touch the bathroom floor!

I’ve taken some pictures over the last few days, check the link below if you want to see. The best thing so far about this neighborhood is having our family 3 doors down. Morgan loves her cousins and it’s so fun to be just a short walk away. Justin has joined the First Baptist softball team with Ryan and I look forward to watching them play together. Ok, I woke up early to blog and now that Paiger is up it’s hard to concentrate!


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  • Chris
    May 4, 2007 at 8:39 am

    Whoo hoo! I made the blog. You better leave me some of them berries!! Looking forward to seeing yall sometime soon!