I am offering advertising space on the sidebar of the blog! If you would like to inquire about purchasing a spot for your business please fill out the contact form below.

I do require that your website allow customers the ability to check out online {etsy is fine}. In attempt to keep the feel of the blog consistent with how it has always been, at this time, I am not offering giveaways from advertisers. With 15 or so advertising companies it would be nearly impossible for me to host that many giveaways in one month. If you are interested in offering any discounts to readers I will gladly do a post stating the discounts/codes in the monthly “sponsor post”. I will graciously accept any of your products, however at this time, I cannot obligate myself or promise you that I will do a write up on your product, not because it’s not fabulous, likely because of time constraints. Thank you for your understanding!!

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