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Hello Rovers

It’s been a while… and this is likely to be an all over the place post!

I thought I’d bring you up to speed first on my bruise, I’d hate if any of you were losing sleep wondering if I’ve had my arm amputated or not. This was when it progressed to a nice dark plum color on Saturday…
Thanks for your concern… I’m still milking it and it’s still tender.

And yes, of course, in addition to fake sprains and glasses I made homemade retainers out of paperclips and the part that fits snugly in the pallet was made of either a chewed-up tootsie roll or a caramel.

Last Friday two of my best friends came for a visit with their boys. These are two of the most incredible friends a girl could ask for. Some of my very first friends at Auburn and we can always pick up right where we left off. This was an outtake and I thought it was kinda funny. Eli, Paige sends a sincere apology for the blow to your precious little face.


They are identical twins {Ashley on left and Allyson on right} so it was only natural and fitting that Erika and I be friends with them. We’ve all been in each other’s weddings, I was pregnant in both of theirs. I really just love them and love being in their company. They’re real, they’re honest, and they’re FUN. When they arrived my house was still a mess and my hair was greasy. They said, “Oh D-Bone, you know we don’t care and do you have on eye liner?”  Seriously, real people ask those type questions when they walk in the door. We have so many memories together and so many more to make. Sister, we wished you & Sloaney were here with us!

Our weekend was great, I took very few pictures but I did manage to snap one of the fire that Justin kept going all weekend.


Did I mention that this post will likely be all over the place?

Rover’s been under the weather since Friday. This pretty much sums up how he’s feeling…

And while he’s feeling rotten, he’s not near as bad as he looks… the picture below was taken a few seconds after {and the fact that the teeny tiny tip of his finger is cut off makes my skin crawl… just pretend like I captured it all, ok?} roverarms

Despite feeling rotten he’s been quite helpful with the housekeeping…


Speaking of housekeeping… I’m just a little backlogged on emails. I’m slowly but surely getting through them… thanks for your patience with me. As you know, I have 3 little rovers who take precedence.

This summer I did a few rounds of a Q & A session… I thought it would be a good way to answer some of the questions that I was getting but then it overwhelmed me and I quit after session 2. I’m not convinced I want to take that route again but my little mind is trying to figure out how to answer emails in a blog post form because a lot of the emails ask similar questions!

This will be a start with the latest: Where did you get the jars for the honey butter, Walmart says they’re seasonal?I got mine at Walmart this summer. But most grocery stores carry canning supplies in the tupperware/aluminum foil pan aisle. What kind of sewing machine do you have? Do you like it? My sewing machine is a Kenmore, I love it. I talk more about it and my embroidery machine IN THIS POST. And every time the little orange vacuum shows up I get emails about it too… it’s also a Kenmore and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it too! It’s very inexpensive and does a great job. I’m very partial to canisters, there’s no turning back once you go with a canister! What pant pattern do you use for the kids pants? I’ve always used Jillian by Bonnie Blue for both boys and girls. The girls usually get a ruffle to “fancy” them up a little. How did you paint your kitchen cabinets? Primed with Kilz {oil based} and painted with latex RustScat paint by Coronado in Benjamin Moore’s White Dove. I think we rolled the cabinet doors and brushed but I’ve slept, or actually, haven’t slept since then. Are you going to post the chicken pot pie recipe? Yes, very soon! What lens do you primarily use? That’s an easy one for me to answer… I use them both about the same. The great thing is that every picture I post is a link to it’s FLICKR PHOTO PAGE that looks like this:



At the bottom right side of the page it tells you what camera was used and if you click on the link for “MORE PROPERTIES” it takes you to this page:


This shows you the picture’s properties including the focal length and aperture. So… if it says 50 mm you’re safe to assume it was shot with my 50 mm 1.8 unless I’m using my wide angle and it’s zoomed all the way to 50mm… but that’s fairly unlikely and if it is then the aperture won’t be any lower than 2.8.   Does that make sense?

Do your kids act like this?


Ok, whew, I’m so glad. Mine don’t either and look, she dropped her pink “retainer”.

Also, would it make any of you feel better if I told you the following:

  • We still don’t have a Christmas tree.
  • I haven’t wrapped any Christmas presents yet, because…
  • I haven’t bought any Christmas presents yet, nor…
  • have I made any.
  • Oh… and no Christmas card yet. Not even an “idea” for one.

I need to get busy, Merry Christmas!

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Yesterday: Rain, Paint, Butter, & Bruises

Hello friends!


I want to first tell y’all that you make me laugh, you encourage me, and really I’d like to spend some time with each of you because I think you’re all super cool.

Sometimes I assume you’ve been around since the very beginning of this blog. But back then no one was around besides me, Mom, DaddyBoy & MommaSis. Because I thought you’ve all been around forever I figured you knew I made the star garland but bought the stockings from Pottery Barn Kids {post-Christmas sale in 2006}.  The star garland was way easy. I just made a star pattern and cut stars from fabric scraps, used fusible fleece between the two layers, used a straight stitch to sew the layers together, and used my pinking shears around the edges. At the top of each star I made a button hole and strung the stars on twine. The stars are hung on an old door that we have above our fireplace. We are mantel-less but had the door in the garage. In fact, it used to be our headboard when we were first married.

Yesterday it rained.

For the majority of my childhood I lived in areas of our country that get snow days when it snows. We don’t get snow here but we get rain and when it’s forecasted to rain hard they cancel school. Which is just fine by me. We love preschool but we also love not going to preschool!


We also like to create enormous messes while making masterpieces.

Thank you, Mom for the circa 1991 box of printer paper… we’ve just barely put a dent in it!

We also did a little baking and decorating and I’m still trying to decide if I should tell you how many cookies I ate… or not.


Then I made Cinnamon Honey Butter!

And I’m going to make a very bold statement about it… if you use any recipe from this blog let it be this ONE! I’m making it for my neighbors, pastors, friends and I feel certain that I’m going to have to make it for everyone I know because it’s so incredibly tasty I wouldn’t want anyone to be left out.

Besides the fact that it tastes REALLY GOOD it’s also REALLY EASY.

You’ll need:

2 sticks of butter at room temp


1 cup of powdered sugar


1 cup of honey


2 teaspoons of ground cinnamon


I used the whisk attachment for my mixer and whipped the butter {make sure it’s soft and room temp}. I added to it the powdered sugar, then the honey, then the cinnamon. Whip it good. Scrape the sides. Whip it again.

Then spoon it into your precious little 4 oz jars {I found ’em at Wally World}. If you can’t find the small ones, your friends and neighbors would be more than happy to receive a larger jar of it! The measurements above yielded 6 small jars.


You can doll them up with a fabric scrap and tag!
The fabulous tags are by pixelimpress {a sponsor with a great deal}!

I put my jars in the frige but it spreads easier at room temp! You can eat it by the spoonful or serve it on English muffins, bagels, biscuits, rolls, or toast… or sweet potatoes… or oatmeal! Really it’s quite diverse. I can’t decide if it needs a warning along the lines of “may cause excessive consumption of carbohydrates”! Because in the last 36 hours I’ve eaten about 47 biscuits, 32 rolls, 6 slices of toast… and anything else I can spread it on!

And last but not least…

When you were a kid did you used to fake sprain your ankle or wrist so you could wrap it in an ace bandage? Or wear fake glasses? I must have “sprained” my wrist 10 times between the ages of 8 and 11. Well, I haven’t sprained anything but I have had a little drama trauma to my tricep and I have absolutely milked it for all it’s worth and it would really be a shame if I didn’t show it to you. Please pray for my husband… he’s really handling it much better than I thought he would.


Merry Christmas! Please make some Cinnamon Honey Butter! Or come over and I’ll toast you up an English muffin and serve you some!


38 In Life/ Sewing

I’m here & there…


Today I’m over at Edie’s: Life in Grace, talking about the little dish mat that many of you requested a tutorial for. I wish I was really at her house sipping a latte and sampling that beautiful birthday cake she’s lighting. In fact, her little party {pictured above} was inspiration for Morgan’s upcoming birthday party.

It’s been an absolute delight and encouragement to get to know Edie. We are like-minded theologically {and in other ways} and it’s been such a joy to read along as she shares the truth of the Gospel.  She’s beautiful on the outside and the in. I greatly admire her for so many reasons; dedication first to her Savior and then to her family and her children {all 8:: a combination of his, hers, and theirs}. Edie is a semi-retired family practice physician. She’s honest and talks about the struggles and effects of divorce on families, the lack of understanding from peers and professionals about trading getting dressed every day and doing pap smears & treating gout for staying home and schooling her children. {Ahhh hem… I’ve never administered a pap smear but personally I think I’d take sewing a dish mat any day!} Basically, by the “world’s” standard she’s a nut: she “gave up medicine, started homeschooling, became Lutheran, and started blogging”… clearly Edie’s not of this world nor is she conformed by it… she’s saved by grace and living in it. Go spend some time at her blog… you’ll be encouraged. She’s not a “denim jumper” homeschooler… she likes MAC make up, heavy eyeliner, & Mike’s Hard Pink Lemonade!

Thanks for having me friend, I’m honored to be included in your 12 Days of Handmade… that’s right, you all should check back… she has 12 straight days of fun tutorials!

In other news, I spent the better part of the weekend recovering {still} from the illness. I must be getting old because I certainly haven’t been able to bounce back like I had hoped… or maybe it was staying out too late with friends Friday night and absolutely laughing my ass off. {Pardon my language… that is the only word to describe how hard we laughed}. We were outside thoroughly enjoying our time together when an officer showed up with a flashlight and introduced himself as “Officer So & So”.  We were certain it was for our boisterous voices, fortunately we weren’t busted for noise… Justin haphazardly parked the car halfway in the road. We should have explained to the officer that we don’t get out much and we were just so ready to be in fellowship with other adults!

As for Halloween… we didn’t dress up. The kids didn’t want to and I didn’t feel like forcing them to be something they didn’t want to be. On any given day John Martin could be a barnyard animal… so I technically could say he went as a barnyard animal.




But he’s the only barnyard animal that has ever absolutely melted my heart into a puddle. And I really like barnyard animals.


People always warned that boys will pull at their mother’s heart strings. I never really got it… ’til now. I could eat his face off and forget about his screaming tantrums in 1 second flat when he looks at me and smiles!

Be back soon with info on all the new sponsors and special rates for blog readers!!

Don’t forget to drop by Edie’s… I promise you’ll be encouraged!

And my washer is smelling better. THANK YOU!

And, thanks to y’all, I’m very well informed about travelling with children– still apprehensive but informed. THANK YOU!

And last but not least— one of my favorite hymns from worship this morning.

“Wonderful, Merciful, Savior”

Wonderful, merciful Savior
Precious Redeemer and Friend
Who would have thought that a Lamb
Could rescue the souls of men
Oh you rescue the souls of men

Counselor, Comforter, Keeper
Spirit we long to embrace
You offer hope when our hearts have
Hopelessly lost the way
Oh, we’ve hopelessly lost the way
You are the One that we praise
You are the One we adore
You give the healing and grace
Our hearts always hunger for
Oh, our hearts always hunger for

Almighty, infinite Father
Faithfully loving Your own
Here in our weakness You find us
Falling before Your throne
Oh, we’re falling before Your throne