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I just put the short & long sleeved owl-o-ween tees on sale at Honey Bee Tees! We {or should I say, Lindsey} ships super quick and if you order today it should be to you within just a few days and in time for all your Halloween festivities!!

The fall fun isn’t over yet… we also have sweet tee pee t-shirts!! These are perfect for Thanksgiving & year  round for your little cowboys and indians!


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Good-Bye Rain, Hello Sun & Honey Bee Tees


It has been an absolutely beautiful week with lots of sunshine and cooler temps. The kids have had a blast on their bikes and Rover and I have put lots of miles on the stroller this week.


The Rover’s absolute favorite thing to do these days is line up all his Matchbox cars on the porch table. It has a rippled glass top so it’s extra loud, a bonus feature according to him. He drives cars on that table all day long. He goes back and forth between lining them up and organizing them by color. He’s very passionate about these cars and when he grows up, he’s “going to be a race car man”.


The girls are goofy and like to teach him random things… for instance when he does something that requires that he say, “Excuse me,” the girls have taught him that it is proper to say, “Excuse me, pack mule!” I mean, honestly, where on earth do they come up with these things!?


We opted for dinner “to go” on the boat on Wednesday night and found ourselves marveling in the beauty of this place. We know it’s a temporary home for our family and we are trying to take full advantage of what it has to offer. We find ourselves continually thankful for the opportunity to live among the Herons, Osprey, and Otters! Yes, Otters… we watched one eat a fish one morning this week on the bulkhead!




Here’s our little pack mule… calling daddy on the alligator tail.



We parked, ate our dinner and watched the sun go down…




And as the sun faded away Morgan and Justin drove us safely home.


To wrap up this week we’re headed to Sister’s to celebrate Sloane’s 2nd Birthday and it’s hard to say who’s more excited about Sloane’s birthday, Sloane or Rover. We’re all pumped because Mom & Daddy Boy will be there. We hope Daddy Boy will arrive safely because he bought an old Jeep Grand Wagoneer and flew to Miami to pick it up, and is driving it 11 hours to Erika’s house. Only Daddy Boy could plan up something as crazy as that. Let’s hope he doesn’t roll in on a tow truck. Speaking of tow trucks…


Honey Bee Tees has just been restocked for fall and in the mix are a few new designs… one of which is none other than an old tow truck! Lindsey snapped a picture of Grady {pictured below} acting squirrely in his new tow truck tee! The simple little tow truck is printed on a “rust” colored shirt.

Also new:

Long-sleeved Tee Pees
Long-Sleeved Off to the Bay
Long-Sleeved Happy Camper
Long-Sleeved Owl-o-ween {& short-sleeved too!}
Short-Sleeved Footballs {in NAVY, WHITE, or GREY}
and new… Busy Bags in small & large!

Grady is the middle child of our dear friends, Lindsey & Steven. Lindsey has been so kind to hold down the fort for me back at Honey Bee Tees headquarters, after my friend Tami entered retirement earlier this month. Lindsey and Steven, and their three children came to visit for a few days back in July and I never got a chance to post about our weekend with them. This is a picture of me and Lindsey on the dock before dinner one night. If you email or have questions about your orders, Lindsey will be in charge in my absence, handling the emails, orders, and shipment of your tees a few days a week… and that’s in addition to managing a household of 5 and homeschooling her children! She’s super organized and already has my inbox whipped into shape! She’s also a precious friend to me and I’m so thankful for her friendship and her help.


Headquarters is also in the process of being relocated to the almost finished, newly remodeled garoffice. Our detached three-car garage back at the brown house has been overhauled, heated and cooled, and painted. New lights and insulated doors with windows have all been installed and before too long Honey Bee Tees will fill it up! I served as the general contractor those 4 weeks I was home this summer. Just as soon as a few more things are in we’ll officially “relocate”! I snapped a quick picture before I headed back to the beach to show the progress. The three lights along the back wall will be above a kitchenette, behind the double doors to the right is a sitting room/playroom for kids and a full bathroom is behind the white floor fan. I’m so thankful we had this space and I’m even more thankful that Lindsey allowed me to sell everything that was in my garage at her yard sale.


Back to the t-shirts… this fall I’ve decided to switch manufacturers for the long-sleeved tees and this has brought a slight price increase with the long-sleeved tees but these {by Monag} are premium shirts, super soft and fit more true to size than the ones I used last year. So, if you were ordering up on long-sleeved tees last year, there’s no need to do that anymore!



Here are the busy bags. They really are great to fill with crayons, notepads, stickers, little books, snacks, treats, Matchbox cars… anything to keep children occupied! We take one on our walk with us and before we go I fill it with little things to keep Rover occupied while we walk… he loves it! They’re simple little cotton drawstring bags and they come in two sizes! They would also be cute as a gift with a Honey Bee Tee tucked inside. They come in large {8×10″} or small {4×6″}.

He was a little under the weather this morning on our walk {w/ a mouth full of graham cracker} but graciously held up his bag so I could snap a picture!


Ok, I think that’s it… hope you all have wonderful weekends!

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What Day Is It?


Hello rovers.

I wish I could sleep like my two-year-old, hands thrown back, tank on belly, completely zonked out. But sleep is not great these days. The main issue is waking up at 4 am, which is really a little too early to just get up and start my day but late enough to fear going back to sleep because then, I may sleep longer than I want and I ask myself are those two hours really necessary? So then I lay there for an hour and by then it’s 5, and it’s really too late to try to fall back asleep so I just resign and get up. This is precisely what transpired this morning. Now the rain is falling, and I’m wishing I was back in bed. Oh well… too late for that now.

So the past few days have been a complete whirlwind. Hence the title, what day is it? Wednesday, in case you also weren’t sure. I’m going to back up to Friday… band night, not the marching kind, the garage kind.


The guys are big time now, with recording equipment that robbed us of our IRA and well, I mean, they’re big time so I imagine it won’t be long before it pays for itself. They have officially been kicked out of our house and into our garage which is better suited for them anyway.


They also were using my changing table as a bar. I snapped a few pictures of their spread but considering there were a few Southern Baptists in the band, I can’t show you what they were drinking or they’ll be called before church leadership. They were tempering their consumption with peanuts, Red Man, and Skoal. I’m wondering how their stomachs handle such poison, but apparently they’re much tougher than me.

I went out there briefly to snap a few pictures and  then again around 1 am when I was awakened by a LOUD  raucous, which was the music of their new friends. In quite a stupor, I threw on a robe, and in an attempt to petition them for a little peace & quiet, I made my way to the garage , which wasn’t hard to find… I just used my ears. I’m sure they were horrified by the sight of me, not nearly as horrified as I was of the sound of them. Anyway, I peek in the garage to find not only the band members but also 2 teenage guys who were wandering the neighborhood and just so happened to be in a band too and were showing their talent. I did confirm that these grown fathers knew better than to offer any of their substances to the young teenage men. Whew!

Saturday brought fun that I too could participate in…


These are our friends Jeremiah & Abby and we had the pleasure of spending time with them {& other friends} Saturday night. They currently live in Seattle {where Jeremiah is doing a year fellowship} but will be moving to town in a few short months. So to celebrate their impending arrival Jeremiah’s sister, Ashley, put together an incredible little gathering at their family’s farm!

It started with a horse drawn carriage ride, which started off completely benign but at some point took a turn for brushy, hilly paths that would give any amusement park a run for their money.





We were thankful to all still have full use of our eyeballs, despite several very close calls with whipping branches, and it was a good thing because there was quite a sight to behold post-ride.


Ashley clearly has a gift for entertaining… the whole evening was nothing short of magical!!






Abby and I snuck in for a few pictures of the dinner prep. This is one reason why I love her… would you say we are kindred spirits?



After appetizers on the porch, the sun set, candles were lit, and we made our descent to the table that was all aglow and waiting for us.




The food was absolutely incredible from appetizers of cheeses, fruits, & chutneys, to salads adorned with pomegranate seeds & Gorgonzola, to a main course of beef wellington, fingerling potatoes, apricot casserole,  and yeast rolls, to a grand finale of pound cake with strawberries, fudge sauce, and whipped cream… really, it would be an incredibly hard night to top! And not to mention, the company was even better than the food and atmosphere! There are no shortage of storytellers in our group which always makes for a great night… and a few running jokes that the stories are still about to be wrapped up! Speaking of storytellers… Abby told her side of this story on her new {& beautiful blog} Storywood!

Moving on to Sunday morning… Justin and I headed out early, leaving the girls with the in-laws, but having the Rover in tow. Our final destination was Fairhope, AL with a detour to South Walton County, Florida to drop the Rover off with Erika, Chance & Sloane for a quick 24 hours.  I was prepared for him to be a very sad little man, devastated to be separated from the mother that he loves more than life, but we buckled him in Erika’s backseat and he wouldn’t even look at me, I’m sure the video & headphones helped. Erika smiled and said, “I don’t think he’s going to miss you!” And that he didn’t.



He had an action packed weekend with his cousin Sloane and I got play by play text messages every 5 minutes and was thankful for every one of them! He also cried his eyes out when I got there and told him it was time to leave. I’d dare say the little man lived it up and can’t wait to return! When I got there to pick him up Sloane looked at me with the most puzzled look on her face and said, “Momma! Momma!” and then pointed to Erika… she was trying to figure me out. My clue that it’s my turn to have her for a weekend!

While the Rover was occupied Justin and I busied ourselves exploring every road in Baldwin County, Alabama. The purpose of our journey: to secure a house for our family for the summer. Justin’s work will have him in Gulf Shores this summer and we plan to spend it with him. Which is very exciting to me! Days prior, I scoured the internet looking for long term rentals {ie. not week vacation rentals} in Fairhope and with a handful of possibilities we set out on our search. Only to find 2 furnished homes with long term/furnished rental possibilities. My dear husband found one that he was completely smitten with…


I unfortunately didn’t share the sentiment with him. Now, as you can see, it’s  accommodating but it’s just a little dated. It’s kinda like granny’s cottage in the woods with granny’s old furniture wrapped in fitted sheets with holes in them, and peeling up faux stone linoleum. Justin said, “We can get a couple dehumidifiers, a new sofa, pull up the rugs, we’ll get air cards for our laptops, and we can set off mosquito bombs in the yard! It will be great!” I didn’t really know what to say… other than I reminded him several times that you could smell the musty interior of the home standing 30 feet from the front door… and did he remember that I have pretty insane allergies? He said, “We’ll bring our own bedding and pillows!” His love for this place wasn’t because of the house… it’s because it was bay front and with sunsets like this, I can hardly blame him but I do believe I’ve convinced him that the search must continue… unless he would like me to be in a benadryl-induced stupor all summer. We came home empty handed but I’ve thankfully found a few more possibilities for us that he’s going to go sniff out for us. If any of you know of anything available… I’m all ears!


And before I go…

lots of new inventory at Honey Bee Tees!


tortoise raglans
tractor raglans
pink lemonade
{new} bird dogs
and everything else has been restocked… have at it!


This is a typical two-year-old mugshot! 🙂

ps- If you buy a raglan, I suggest you wash it on cold {the first few times} as to not turn your white the color of your sleeves!