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A Visit with MommaSissy

Morgan doing Paiger’s hair

One of MommaSissy’s BEAUTIFUL projects!

Morgan’s 1st Dolphin ride

Morgan in the DVD box before we left for our “road trip”

“I love you, MommaSissy!”

Morgan absolutely loves her MommaSissy, unfortunately we don’t get to see her all that often. This past weekend the girls and I loaded up and headed down to the beach from Dothan. I thought since we were now fully equipped with a new DVD player with 2 screens the trip would be a piece of cake. Unfortunately, I was wrong! A little stress on the way down and a lot of stress on the way home has convinced me that I will never travel with my girls by myself again (unless it’s a trip to Target). Paige may have screamed about 75% of the way home and pooped through her diaper and clothes. It was quite eventful! I called Erika and told her we had a great time and that I hope she had fun too because we would never be coming back again! 🙂

Besides the trip to and from we had a very enjoyable weekend! MommaSissy always has fun tricks up her sleeve. Saturday afternoon we stopped by a project she was working on; I’m always amazed at the work she does and often wonder if this house we plan to build will go WAY over budget. I hope I can achieve a similar look for a fraction of the price (I sound like a commercial!). After checking out her project we headed over to Destin Commons (if anyone hasn’t been there I highly recommend it!). We splurged on valet parking and went straight to the playground. Well, I’m not exactly sure how to describe it because “playground” sounds so generic… it was like a “oceanscape” playground with sandcastles, dolphins, boats, crabs, etc! Morgan loved every minute of it! We had a great dinner outside (yea for FL!) and then MommaSissy took Morgan on her very first train ride. I was hoping to get a picture of it but when Momma Sissy got out of the train car to get a picture of Morgan inside Morgan thought she was leaving her on the train by herself and burst in to tears. So, no picture of them on the train but they did love it! We strolled around a little afterwards and then headed home! It was a wonderful night & Morgan loved it. She kept asking to “go back and play with all those kids”!

Sunday morning Chance treated us to scrambled eggies and cinnamon rolls…. mmmm! And Morgan enjoyed eating with Uncle Chance on the big girl stools. After breakfast we piddled around Point Washington and WaterColor! I got to see another one of Erika’s projects and fell in love with this one too! After a very stressful trip back to Dothan I was very relieved to have my husband back by my side! I think he’s the most wonderful Daddy in the world and I will never go anywhere without him again! 🙂

We’re home now and preparing for our most daunting adventure yet… DISNEY WORLD!

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