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Get Crackin’

Last year I made some of these…


And thought I’d show you the short steps to do so, in case you want grassy eggs by Easter. You should have plenty of time now if you start cracking.

First save your eggs. I cracked all of these by gently tapping around the upper middle portion of the egg with a knife so that my cracks could be clean.


Then I filled each egg with potting soil. I watered my soil before putting it in the eggs. Sometimes potting soil doesn’t like to {or takes a while to} absorb water… so I prewatered it.


And filled each egg a little over half way.


The grass seed came from Wallyworld and I believe it was $3 {or you know how Mr. Walton is, maybe $2.97}.


It’s mostly a blend of rye grasses, but if you can’t find it… here are the ingredients so you can find something similar.

Then I added a spoonful of grass to each egg.




And then lightly watered the seeds {no need to cover the seeds with soil}.


And put them in a sunny window sill, the dirtier the window, the better! And water about every other day.


And then I waited… 2 weeks… and BAM, grass!


Now, along the way you will have to do some mowing, because the grass can get a little out of control. Thank you to my fearless photography assistant who took this picture so I could hold the egg and cut at the same time.


I think they’re fun in the carton or would be fun around the table in these precious chicken feet egg cups!

They hit their “prime” at 2 to 2.5 weeks. So if you want them to be beautiful at Easter, I would plant them between March 19th and March 22nd {no later than the 22nd} and you can plant them even a little earlier than this because my grass still looks okay and I planted mine February 11th… but at the 3 week mark it starts to look more scraggly and less lovely {my eggs will certainly have to be re-planted}. I also think it would be fun to plant it in a square low container and place dyed Easter eggs on it! The possibilities are endless… and you’ll have plenty of grass! This would be a great project to do with your kids… somehow I managed to pull it off solo.