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Update on Barnes family

Hey folks,
Please continue to pray for this family. The dad (Cliff, who sustained injuries himself (broken arm and lacerations) but was released shortly after he arrived at the hospital) has graciously been given a room at the hospital to stay while his children recover from their internal injuries and they are providing his meals. The boys are both in stable condition in ICU and are expected to fully recover from the internal lacerations they sustained from the wreck. This morning around 11 Cliff informed the boys of their mother’s passing. Please continue to pray for this family as they are going through such an incredibly difficult time. People from our church have been with Cliff around the clock. Angela’s (the wife) mother is due to fly in later this afternoon and Cliff’s family will be arriving in a day or two. The boys are expected to be hospitalized for up to a week. Our church and others are able to meet their physical needs, please pray that our Father will meet their emotional and spiritual needs through this time. I will do my best to keep you updated!!! PLEASE CONTINUE TO PRAY FOR THEM!!

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