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Bedtime & Chicken Enchiladas

One of my favorite times of day is the time after the girls have a bath before they go to bed. I think I like it so much because they’ve both been fed (usually), they’re both clean and smell so sweet of Johnson & Johnson’s baby wash. Paiger is doing so much better about going to bed in her crib, it truly is an answer to prayer. I don’t know if she is just turning over a new leaf or if she’s just feeling better or a combination of both. We’ve noticed in the last couple days she’s healthier than she’s ever been; not sure if it’s the amoxocillin or the Prevacid (or more likely the prayer!) but it is such a delight to hear her actually breath through her nose. Her sleeping better could have a lot to do with breathing. It’s been hard for her to suck her pacifier due to the congestion in her nose… now she can suck that paci like a champ… no congestion certainly helps!

Anyway, I took these two pictures tonight. I brushed Paiger’s hair after her bath. It made me laugh out loud to see it so neat and not sticking up everywhere. Morgan was helping Daddy play guitar and still is behind me– well, she’s reading her books and Justin’s playing her “Froggy Went a Courtin'” on the guitar. Helping daddy with his guitar entails her wearing the guitar strap, as you can see in the picture above!

We had an absolutely delightful day. We had a picnic at the park with our friends for a playgroup. This is something I will dearly miss when we move to Dothan, these moms mean so very much to me and it’s just so fun to get the kids together for some playtime while us moms enjoy some adult time! Even though our adult conversations are usually about the kids, it’s still so enjoyable. I was glad that LA and Mabry could join us today. Six of us have 2 year olds and a baby born in within 6 weeks of each other of 2007. It’s so fun and such a blessing to have moms who know exactly where you are. They can share in the frustrations, difficulties, and excitements of having a 2 year old and a baby at the same time. Staci out numbers us all with 2 year old twins… if I’m ever thinking I’m having a rough “2 year old day” I always think, “Staci has 2 and she has a baby!” and then I feel better! 🙂

While we were at the park I got to experience for the first time another child being blatantly mean to Morgan. She’s so tender that he made her cry on two different occasions. After he screamed in her face and told her he didn’t want her on the playground she balled her eyes out and she told me she didn’t want to stay at the park anymore. For a while I couldn’t figure out where his mother was (perhaps if she was watching him he wouldn’t be acting the way he was) then I found her. I didn’t hesitate to inform her of her child’s behavior. If Morgan had acted the way he acted towards her I would want to know (and would have spanked her silly). I’m not sure this mom really wanted to know but I told her anyway. She said he was used to playing with boys. If that is how boys play I’m sure glad I have girls! Morgan and I had a nice long talk on the way home that the boy at the park wasn’t being nice and that not everyone was nice but regardless we are to be nice despite the way others treat us. I’m not sure she got it but at least she heard it. She told me she wanted to play with Braxton because he was nice. He’s the only boy (besides his baby brother) in the playgroup.

I wanted to write about these yummy chicken enchiladas that I made for dinner but now I’m too tired. I’ll post the recipe tomorrow… it was really good! I’m not really sure how many people actually read this blog but if you’re looking for a really good recipe that’s super easy… stay tuned!


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