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Wheelbarrow Rides & Update on Hunter Newell

After a delightful dinner of peanut butter, honey & banana sandwiches in the front yard, Justin took the girls on a wheelbarrow ride around the yard! It was as much fun for me to watch as it was for them to ride! We’ve had a great week so far and I have an update on Baby Hunter Newell that I posted about earlier this week. I spoke with Nathan about 20 mins ago and he’s home with Nate (their 19 month old) and Holly is still at Shands. He is heading back down in the morning. Hunter is more stable today than he was yesterday but is still on 100% oxygen for the 4th or 5th day. The doctors said that pure oxygen for this many consecutive days can be harmful to the lungs so they are going to attempt to wean him from the 100% oxygen. Please continue to pray for Hunter and their family as they are both exhausted and feeling overwhelmed.

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