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On our Way to "Dofin"

This is exactly what the pediatrician warned me against when moving with toddlers and small children!

Hi Paiger! She waves to you now and it will just about melt your heart!

Load 1 is ready to go! It’s Saturday morning and the girls are still sleeping! We loaded up a 6 x 12 trailer last night with boxes and other miscellaneous things. I’ve scheduled movers to move us (Praise God!); we feared that all our “stuff” wouldn’t fit in their 24 foot truck, so hence “load 1”! We’re still not sure how we have accumulated so much stuff! But we have and now we have to deal with it this move like we have every other move. We’ve had garage sales and more garage sales but somehow I have a little bit of my grandmother in me and can’t seem to part with a few unused items! Maybe after this move I’ll be able to part with more.
Well, it’s time to load up on some morning fuel, get the girls up and head to Dofin (as Morgan calls it)! I’ll report on “load 1” and Justin’s feel for his new house when we return!!

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