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What doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger!

This Uhaul employee (in the white) was trying to bend the bumper back on this truck that the man on the far left had just bent to a 90 degree angle. He was pulling a Uhaul trailer (apparently for the first time) and made a sharp left turn in front of this truck nearly pulling the bumper clear off the front of the truck. The Uhaul worker didn’t seem to mind and just attempted to bend the crimped bumper back. When he wasn’t strong enough to do it he called for another worker to get another truck and ram it into the front of this truck until the bumper was fixed. It was quite a sight to be seen. Thankfully this gem wasn’t our truck, ours was the one parked behind it with no brake lights. I only almost rearended Justin 3 times on the way home.

Justin with no brake lights, and myself with a haphazardly packed load in the pickup truck nearly caused major mayhem on I-10. I was cruising behind Justin when I noticed a large roll of 1/4″ hardware cloth (that stuff archaeologists use) teetering out of the bucket that it was stuffed down in. Before I could pull over it flew out and unfortunately became tangled below the minivan that was traveling behind me. They very quickly slowed down and made their way to the shoulder. By the grace of God it didn’t cause an accident and hopefully those folks were able to untangle the mess while calling me every name in the book. I attempted to get Justin’s attention to let him know what had happened but when you’re driving a Uhaul down the interstate with your windows down at 75 MPH it’s hard to hear your cell phone RING!!!! I finally sped up next to him shaking my cell phone (calling him every name in the book). By the time we pulled over they were a good 5 miles behind us and we just prayed they were okay and not too mad at our foolishness!

With all the moving madness behind us, we’re trying to get settled in and unpack a few boxes. It makes me laugh to read that my last entry was about “load 1”. We thought the movers would get the rest in their 24 ft truck, but unfortunately we (Justin and myself) went back to Tallahassee on Saturday for “load 3”. Which filled the 26 ft Uhaul mentioned above. Now we have 3 loads of stuff and no where to put it. We have been frantically unpacking, rearranging, and making trips to storage. Hopefully by the end of this week we’ll feel a little more settled.

Thankfully Morgan feels right at home in her “rental house” as she calls it. We have 2 new baby pools and lots of stuff packed into our carport. I’m sure the neighbors are thrilled to see the “renters” are here. So far we have definitely proved ourselves to be typical “renters”. We have turned the carport into a porch/patio. It’s a sight to be seen! Works for us, not sure how the neighbors feel about it! Oh well! Here’s a picture of MCS on her big girl tricycle!

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  • Cameron
    April 30, 2007 at 10:12 am

    Darb– your move sounds so exhausting!! Hope you all aren’t too worn out and are slowly, but surely getting settled in!!