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Update on Baby Newell

I just got a new update on baby Hunter. He’s doing better but they’re still at Shands. Many of y’all have asked about him and here’s the latest (see email inserted below). Please continue to pray for Holly and Nathan. I know they must be so tired and ready to be home. Please pray for continued healing of little Hunter’s body and that God will provide Holly and Nathan with confidence and peace when they bring him home.


Again thank you all so much for your prayers and thoughts. Hunter is still at Shands but doing well. He is off all the IV’s but he still has a Center Line in his chest that they will be removing tomorrow or Saturday. They say there is always a possibility of an infection when removed. The only other thing holding us back from bringing him home is his feedings which should improve once the pain medication is out of his system which should be Saturday. So if you would please pray that there will be no infection and that he starts to eat better allowing them to remove the feeding tube. Thank you!

Love in Christ. Nathan, Holly, Nate II and Hunter

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