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Visitors, Wanted and Unwanted

DaddyBoy (the wanted visitor) & “Squash” (the unwanted visitor)
DaddyBoy was fresh from the bed (maybe you can tell by the hair) when I solicited his assistance to remove “Squash” from the living room.
We had an absolutely wonderful weekend with my parents. They came into town on Friday afternoon and just headed out this morning. Friday we had enough time to show them our garden at the farm. It is full and thriving (thanks to an irrigation system rigged up by Justin) with squash, zucchini, corn, peanuts, okra, cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, black eye peas, green beans, zipper cream peas, butternut squash, pumpkins, sunflowers, and lots of zinnias for cutting! We’ve already harvested squash and zucchini and in a few days we’ll be up to our eyeballs in the crookneck squash & zucchini. Justin and I have always gardened together. Even when we dated at Auburn. He had a plot through an Auburn Ag. Dept Fraternity. It’s been a while since ours has been this big… if ever this big. I look forward to charting the progress of the garden on the blog.

Saturday Justin and dad played at the farm and all the “girls” stayed here. Saturday evening we took Mom and DaddyBoy to see our lot. Because Justin and Dad had been bushogging the farm all day, they both added some sense of urgency to the need of bushogging the lot. On Sunday, with bush-hogging on the mind, he and Justin DROVE THE TRACTOR from the farm to our lot— a grand total of 18 miles (1.5mi on 231– which is a death sentence in a car, let alone a tractor going 15) and it only took and hour and a half to get there; thankfully my dad survived. Justin and Morgan followed in the truck, while Mom and Paiger and I went to TJ Maxx. We all headed back out to the lot Sunday night to see Dad’s work and we were all duly impressed. I told Dad it looked like Central Park (which might have been a slight exaggeration) but it did look 150% better than it did the day before. We’re trying to fix it up to sell it; it’s kinda like a house, you fix it up and then you hate to leave, which is the story of our house-buying career. Anyway, it will make a very nice lot for someone… and it’s rather relieving that it’s not us.

We enjoyed many meals on the veranda (my parents referred to it as a carport but here in S. Alabama we call them verandas– that is for you dad) and lots of quality time with Squash. She’s become somewhat of a permanent fixture around here and has made herself right at home. Since I’ve told you how hot our house is, you’re probably not surprised that we leave all the windows and doors open. Squash thinks that’s an open invitation. Mom was quite shocked to find Squash in the bathroom Sunday afternoon and ever since the little stinker likes to sneak in. She also has found a new favorite spot to nap… you’ll see on the pictures. She looked so comfortable I couldn’t dare throw her out!

I also had a very short and sweet visit with a dear friend from Tallahassee. Brooke, Brock, and Jake Veleber came by on Sunday and it was so good to see them. I was quickly informed by my husband that I needed to go get dad from the lot shortly after they got here, but it was a delight nonetheless! I hope to be a stopping point for lots of Alabamians who now reside in Tallahassee! We both got a good laugh out of the fact that when she called she was in the DQ parking lot… she knew she was close… she just didn’t know how close! Thanks Brooke and next time I hope we can visit longer!!

The girls are down and I’m wiped out so I’m going to go to bed. I started this earlier this afternoon and just now have been able to wrap it up! Here’s a link to some pictures from our weekend. I didn’t get as many as I hoped but here they are anyway!

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