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Daddy’s Biggest Fans!

I thought Justin’s softball games were fun to go to in Tallahassee. That’s because I had never been to a softball game in Dothan. In Tallahassee the girls and I would load up the car and stroller (much like the picture above) and head up to Justin’s game. We wouldn’t see anyone we knew. I would sit in the bleachers and the girls would stay in their stroller. Justin played for his company’s team and I didn’t know any of the other wives. Well, softball in Dothan is much different. And much more fun. There’s just something so enjoyable about going to a softball complex and seeing lots and lots of people you know and lots and lots of kids you know. Morgan doesn’t sit in her stroller in Dothan. I talk to other wives that I know and meet lots of nice people who have known Justin and my in-laws for a really long time. We don’t really watch the game (sorry Justin) we play, talk and eat fun treats from the concession stand.

Church in Dothan is similar to softball in Dothan. Wednesday night we went to church for supper and Wednesday night church and it took me back to Anniston all over again. It’s something that is hard to explain, but going to a church for dinner (even if it is corndogs) and seeing lots of families with lots of children is so comforting to me. Don’t get me wrong our church in Tallahassee has all of this and we did go a couple times, it’s just so much larger that it has a different feel. We absolutely adored our church in Anniston and some of our fondest memories are due in part to the size of the church. It was a small church. A small church that was thriving, full of life, and full of people who loved Jesus and us. First Pres is larger than Faith Pres but not as large as Wildwood and I know it will be a good fit for us. There are lots of young families and the church body seems to be thriving. This makes me very excited about being a part of it and raising the girls there.

Here are a few random pictures. I may have talked the curtains up too much. The best part I think was the fact that the fabric was only $1.50 a yd. They don’t look as cute as I had explained, but they do turn the girls rooms into caves.

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  • Erika McPherson
    May 25, 2007 at 5:29 am

    Fabulous! Your curtains are adorable! Morgan and Paige are the cutest little girls I have EVER laid my eyes on! Go Justin! Does it bring you back to the days of the MRA Softball- Fillies & Cardinals? Do they sell those powdery lollipops? Thanks for sharing!! I love your blog! Can’t wait to come visit! Hopefully soon! XOXO Mommasis’

  • Cameron
    May 25, 2007 at 5:37 am

    Looks like you all had a fun evening!! I love summertime and all the fun activities that go with it.

  • Kailee Grulich
    May 26, 2007 at 10:34 am

    those curtains are so cute! I wish I could make something that looked half as good as those! and those m/p shirts the girls are wearing are adorable too…I’m sure you made those as well 🙂 glad you’re having fun up there!