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I’m Back!

I feel like it has been moons since I’ve blogged! We had a bad lightening storm the weekend before the 4th and it blew out our modem. The Comcast guy just left so I was anxious to get online, check emails, and of course update the blog!

4th of July: We headed down to the beach for the week of the 4th. It was thrown together last minute. My parents flew in for the week and of course we had to be there. We had a wonderful time visiting with all of my family. When it was time to leave on Friday morning, Morgan cried and cried that she didn’t want to leave MommaSis’. She also tearfully explained to Justin and I (who couldn’t help but crack smiles) that she didn’t like her rental house. So we unpacked her things from the car and let her stay with MommaSis and Chance Friday through Sunday! They had a blast and here are pictures. I do believe they spoiled her rotten and bought her whatever she wanted and fed her whatever she wanted (Mac ‘n Cheese for breakfast!?). She came home in a whole new outfit and fully loaded with new toys, books, and coloring books. Despite telling MommaSissy that she was bothering her, I think she had a wonderful weekend! Here are pictures from their weekend together…


Our weekend without Morgan: Well, Justin and I thought we’d be in for a real treat and live it up while Morgan was gone… we forgot we still had Paiger Raiger who came down with the crud and a fever on Saturday. We still managed to make it to Tallahassee on Saturday for the day. Morgan was supposed to go to a birthday party and I had a baby shower. I was thrilled to see my dear friends who I haven’t seen since we left Tallahassee… here’s a picture of them! They threw a precious baby shower and I’m going to steal all the ideas from them. We drove by our old house on Saturday and it was so sad. We were hoping to see our neighbors but they weren’t home. We probably could have given them some notice but we don’t always operate in a courteous fashion. Anyway, I was sad to see my house. It didn’t look the same… well, it kinda looked the same, but not really. All our landscaping that we slaved over was filled with weeds and the grass looked like it really needed to be cut. I wanted to pull in the driveway and look in the backyard and see my girls in the baby pool!! 🙁 Nonetheless, we were delighted to be back in Tallahassee if only for an afternoon. Justin enjoyed lunch with Mitch and Gaye and I loved briefly catching up with Gaye. Tallahassee is such a special place to us and I’m so thankful that it’s so close… we plan to be back often!

The Search Continues: We continue to casually look for a house in Dothan. We’ve yet to find one that will work for us and I’m working on being content here in the “rental house” (as MCS calls it).

Morgan & Swim Lessons: Morgan started swimming lessons yesterday morning at Azalea. She really likes her teacher and bounced, blew bubbles and jumped in from the side. I’m not sure she’ll be swimming this summer but we’re hopeful for next summer! I sat on the side of the pool and tried not to interject as she explained to Miss Ashley (her instructor) that she “didn’t want to put her face in the water”. Maybe she’ll use kinder words next time. She goes all week and I hope to snap a few pictures of her.

The Raiger: Little Paiger Rager will be 1 on Saturday. It makes me sad. Thankfully she still acts like a baby… doesn’t sleep, doesn’t walk, and likes to be held and nursed! She’s the best birth control a person could ever have! She cries every night and I think Erika and Chance pushed back their baby calendar a few years after our visit. I’m feeling sick now (with the same crud she had). I think not sleeping for 11 months and 3 weeks is starting to take a toll on me. We let her cry last night… you would have though the child was hyperventilating in there. I need the Super Nanny to my rescue! Any advice for those of you who are pros!??? Help please!!

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  • erika
    July 10, 2007 at 12:43 pm

    My advice for Paiger, if our children act up we put them out on the porch with a bowl of food, some water, and if it’s hot… a fan. Maybe that’ll work? Our children are furry and 4-legged. I miss my little side-kick… beach architect. Did I tell you the sandcastle she made was a “bird house”? So sweet. BirdNerds3… d, j, and MCS. Kisses to my babies. You forgot to tell everyone that Morgan said “MommaSis’ you can have me”… love that little blondie too much! XOXO MommaSis’

  • erika
    July 10, 2007 at 12:46 pm

    PS – (in regard to the previous post that I am just now reading since I’ve been MIA) I am in the interior design business and can order you a new shower curtain rod – should the safety of your family become a concern.

  • Cameron
    July 11, 2007 at 6:26 am

    D– glad you’re back and blogging again! I’ve been missing the pictures and updates!!

  • Hannah Fields
    July 13, 2007 at 9:21 pm

    Darby, I thought of you and your recent move this weekend while we were moving. I did not realize we had so much stuff.
    M and P are so blessed to have such a fun aunt. I loved looking at the pictures.
    As far as the sleep thing goes I am no expert but i have read a book that is pretty good. “Secrets of the baby whisperer” by Tracy Hogg.
    She uses different techniques other than letting your children cry. I found it to be a little less harsh than other books. It might be worth a try. Good luck.