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A new illness among us!

This is Paiger Rager, a child which I can hardly keep my lips off of. She doesn’t have anything to say… ever! Seriously, she just observes everything, points and moans and gets whatever it is that she request… can you blame me?! I think it must be a second child thing! Mom, thanks for her sailor dress. As you can see, she looked pretty cute in it. She might could even wear it next summer too!

This is the same little girl at breakfast this morning. She insisted on feeding herself and you can see what happened then… she loved every minute of it! And she thought she was such a big girl too!

Morgan and I were cleaning up toys last week when I glanced down to see what she was doing and this what she had come up with. All laid out just as you see it in the picture. I laughed so hard and knew that Justin wouldn’t believe me unless I photographed it. I decided that now is not the time to explain what it was that she spelled!

My little cat in a hat! So, this little girl is the only thing I will miss about “the rental house”. She’s always around and makes me smile when I walk outside. I found her sitting in not just 1 but 2 hats last week and couldn’t resist going in for my camera. She’s such a ham and loves to smile for the camera. I’m just glad she’s still around. A couple weeks ago I left the back hatch of my car open and apparently she hopped in around 9 am. I looked out the window and saw that I left it open and ran out to shut it. Not realizing that Squash was inside. Around 2:30 pm I went out to get in my car to run some errands and guess who was inside?? It was probably 190′ in the car. She was still alive (praise the Lord) but her little chest was beating so hard. I tried to give her water but she wasn’t interested. I guess that’s why they say cats have 9 lives. Little squash only has 8 left!

Well there is a new illness among us. Morgan has croup and I’m praying really hard that Paiger doesn’t get it. I think it’s one of my least favorite viruses that children can get. A nasty, scary cough and high fever makes for one pathetic little 2 year old. She told me today that “bear” had croup too. That he had a high fever and needed some Tylenol. When I asked her how bear got croup she informed me that he touched the potty and got the germs on him! And sometimes I think she’s not listening to me!!

Justin managed to take down 16 trees this past Saturday. I’ve been on pool duty and it’s stressing me out already. The old woman stopped her lawn service and pool service 2 weeks before we closed. And the guys at pool shop told me it only takes a couple days for a pool to turn green… well guess what I have!!?? A lovely green pool. I have to shock it everyday until it looks good again. They started talking about priming the pump and backwashing… I told them I’d have to come back another day for that lesson! I’ve been in 3 times and we’ve only owned the house 3 days! I’m sure they’ll start rolling their eyes when they see me pull in the parking lot! Oh well! This is the pool before it turned green… this is what I’m hoping to get it back to real soon!!!

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  • Hannah Fields
    September 10, 2007 at 7:15 pm

    Hey Darby, That is hysterical!! (sexy) Congratulations on the new pool and house.

  • erika
    September 10, 2007 at 7:27 pm

    Love you sister! Raiger looks like Mom. Morgan is hilarious. i hope she gets well soon! XOXO e

  • Gmama
    September 12, 2007 at 5:50 am

    I cannot believe how grown up Paiger is. What beautiful little girls. We still miss you guys. Would love to see the Dothan house before Justin and Darby get started so the after can be appreciated. They are genius on remodel.