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Another Sick Baby!

I can hardly take it! We have been bombarded by every illness in the book! Daddy is away this weekend for a guys get-away in the mountains and I must admit that I’m not fond of life without him. In fact, it’s pretty rotten without him around; and having another sick baby magnifies my longing for him to be home with us. It makes me appreciate his new “job” that doesn’t require near as much travel as his last. There’s nothing glorious about traveling or being apart besides the realization of how much I love him and miss him! With that said, I am so excited that he was able to get away to a beautiful place and spend some time with some awesome men of God! There’s no place I’d rather him be (if not with me) than with his guys, in the mountains, doing the things that guys do that I just can’t or won’t do! It was 6 years ago, yesterday, that he asked me to be his wife. I remember it like it was yesterday and at the same time it seems like so long ago! Our lives have moved, changed, and grown so much since then! But I’m still as excited today to be his wife as I was the day he asked me!

Unfortunately, the little Raiger came down with some sort of virus in the middle of the night Friday. She was plagued with with a high fever, throwing up, and extremely lethargic (as you can see in the picture above). I spread the big quilt out in case she got sick; I’d hate to have to clean it from the rental carpet! Despite the enticing toys I placed around her, she didn’t change her position all day. She must have been feeling rather rotten. I sat her up, fed her some soup, and then she’d lay right back down. In fact, she scared me a little bit… her behavior was so out of character. Thankfully, Justin’s in the mountains with Dr. Jeremiah who somewhat reassured me that she’d be okay, only after saying I might want to monitor her through the night. There was no need to monitor her, she let me know when she needed me and I was there. At 3 am her fever was still 102.6 but thankfully by 8 am it was back to normal and my little Paiger Raiger is back! Praise the Lord! Now I’m just asking for some mercy in the illness category!

I just got off the phone with Chris Kirtley! What a joy and emotional high to hear his voice and talk with him! He was in great spirits and is sounding so much better than I had anticipated. He will start his 9 month chemo regimen in a couple weeks in Houston so please continue to pray for him. He is so optimistic and continues to give God the glory despite all the hardship he has been through thus far! Thank you, to those of you who have prayed for him, I am so grateful and he is even more so!

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  • The Martin Family
    September 17, 2007 at 12:38 pm

    Little punkin’…that just breaks my heart! It’s so pitiful when they’re like that and there’s nothing you can do.