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The {Swimming} Graduates & more

Morgan (in white) and her classmates!

Couldn’t you eat these little fish up!? Wait ’til you see Paige’s class… they’re just as cute!

Some of y’all have asked about these classes that the girls are taking and last week I dubbed them “survival” and really they’re not technically “survival” perhaps the word “intense” would be more appropriate. There is no blowing bubbles, hopping like rabbits, etc… she cuts to the chase and puts them under over and over again while pushing them to the wall. She tells them to kick their feet and shows them how to do “big arms” while under water. The girls classes have lasted a week each for 1 hour each day. We are paying $100 per child per week.

A friend of mine from Louisville, KY just completed a round of “real deal” Survival Swim classes. Valerie has a two year old named Landry (3 older children & a POOL & a POND) and I am quite impressed with her new skills. Please read and watch what Valerie posted on her blog here. What you can’t see clearly in the video is that Landry is wearing a full set of clothes and before turning her over upside-down in the water, the instructor straps Landry’s feet together. I’m not even sure if I were to have Justin tie my feet together I’d be able to float. I was so proud of Landry when I watched this video that it almost made me cry! I want my Paige to learn how to do this too. I pray that she would never need to know how to use it but the child is fearless of the water and I think she would benefit greatly from knowing this. Today she continually jumped in and would say over and over (like toddlers do) ” again mama, again mama!”! So a great big high 5 to Landry and for all you moms out there… look into this! It could save your child’s life!!

Here’s what Valerie has to say about the courses Landry took:

The classes last anywhere from 4-6 weeks. Sometimes they finish sooner than others, depending on the child. You go to the lessons Monday through Friday, every day, but only for 10 minutes, so it’s really not as bad as it sounds. They build on their skills each time they go back to class. They offer the classes all over the United States, so you just have to check if there is one in your area. My oldest two children took the classes at the same time when they were 10 months old and 18 1/2 months old . The cost is $70 a week. It’s a lot of money, but completely worth it. And, when you think about it, they are getting lessons every single day for a long period of time. So, I hope that answers some questions.

**Atlanta moms, I’ve been informed that Sara School of Fish offers something similar!! Check it out! **

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