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JM Tries to Walk

I’m out of words today. I’m not sure these need any words. If you have a total of 58 seconds to spare, these might make you smile. I’ve had a long day and I keep watching little man and he makes me laugh so hard. He used to crawl on all fours, he’s now traded that crawl for a monkey crawl, the same monkey crawl Paige exclusively used until she walked… where do they come up with this stuff? I fear I’ll be returning soon with some walking footage!

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Books & A Bellyache

Hello and Happy Wednesday!

The dryer is tumbling and the washing machine is spinning. John Martin is fast asleep in his crib and Paige is playing ‘baby dolls’ in the playroom. Today was going to be my first morning at CBS. Unfortuantely, the little man came down with a bellyache yesterday, one that required 12 diapers and 5 wardrobe changes all in a matter of a few short hours. A bellyache that I feel quite certain no mother would appreciate him bringing with him to the nursery to pass on to their child. Be sure to wash your hands after you read this… I don’t want any of y’all to catch it either. The good news is he seems to be feeling much better today than he did yesterday! Praise the Lord!
I thought I’d show you our favorite books these days. These are the ones we ‘go to’ regularly… ones that are sure to please, sure to entertain {both reader and listeners}, and sure to teach life lessons that impact little minds and hearts.
First, we’ll start with a NEW book, one that came highly recommended to us, The Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His Name by Sally Lloyd-Jones. Sally is a British-American and a member of Redeemer Presbyterian Chuch {Tim Keller’s church} in Manhattan and the author of another favorite, Little One, We Knew You’d Come. I can’t say enough wonderful things about this book and it’s illustrations {by Jago}. The way Sally tells each account from the Bible is so easy for little ears and hearts to understand, yet, lacks no detail. And just as it’s title suggests, every story “whispers His name”. As she goes through the accounts of the Old Testament she intertwines the New Covenant and what and Who is to come. It’s good people! So good. It can be found in the First Pres bookstore, if you’re interested!


And the illustrations are so wonderful…


As are the words that accompany them…




The next two books on our favorites list are not books with Biblical messages, however, they are wonderful old books that embrace the traditional role of family.

One being, Richard Scarry’s Best Story Book Ever… {thanks, MommaSis and Annmarie}


And second, being my personal favorite by Richard Scarry, What Do People Do All Day?


This copy belonged to Justin as a child, it clearly has been read a few times and will continue to be read until it can no longer be read. The girls absolutely love Lowly Worm, he’s always hiding in the most unpredictable places, who knew a worm could be so entertaining?

Here are a few glimpses behind the cover…







If you’re in the market for new or old books, you can’t go wrong with any of these! What are your favorites?

Be back soon…

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While the Cat’s Away

… the mice will play.

Justin was out of town all weekend. It’s hard when he’s gone, we miss him a lot but I’ve come to recognize I tend to be more intentional with the children when he’s gone; we plan our meals, fill our days, make time for fun outings, etc. I’m not at all suggesting he leave more often, but perhaps weekends like this are good for revealing areas I could do much better at in the motherhood department.

With that said, I don’t think Justin will approve of our most entertaining encounter of the weekend. But nonetheless, little brother was a complete sport about it. All 3 were in the girls room when Morgan came running into the kitchen insisting that I close my eyes, hold her hand and allow her to lead me to her bedroom. When I opened my eyes I thought I’d die. They dressed him up…
Without further adieu I introduce to you Johnna Martina and his sisters, who will get major paybacks one day.
Bless his sweet soul, he wasn’t sure at first, but with all our giggles {and the girls screaming} he finally decided it was fun. And after that picture sequence Justin may decide it’s not safe to ever leave town for the weekend again! I’d be okay with that!
We also squeezed in haircuts. Since John Martin has graduated to the big kid table we borrowed his highchair. When I saw Raiger sitting up there with the black cape, how could I not take a picture? I probably should have done a clean sweep of the countertops first… oh well, they always look like that.


She was so good and with the promise of some Care Bear fruit snacks she did just as she was asked.

And last but not least, would the mothers of small boys {or big boys} please confirm that this is completely normal?


Not the pink chapstick, I know that’s not normal. I’m referring to the fact that he stays right under me most of the day. The girls have always been happy to play in other rooms with toys, this little guy wants nothing to do with being in a room that I’m not in. I’m not complaining, I know one day he’ll pretend he wants nothing to do with me. 🙂 Now if I could just convince him to let me hold him and rock him like little tiny baby. He likes to be close to me, just not that close.