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Hair Bows & School Days

Morgan ready for her second day of “school”

Paiger Rager in her first bow! Morgan walked out for breakfast and said, “Ooooo Mommy, Paiger looks so pwetty in her bow!”

There are a few things that I feel too young for: having a child that takes a lunch and goes to school and having a baby old enough to pull her hair back in bows. I honestly can’t believe either of these. I guess when you move as often as we have the time seems to FLY by. I feel like I should still live in Anniston and Morgan should be crawling. Instead, Morgan is walking, talking, and going to school and I have another child named Paige who now can wear a bow in her hair and is just a few short weeks away from being 1. This all blows my mind.
Contrary to feeling too young, I also feel too old for something: FACEBOOK. My sister twisted my arm and made me get an account. She told me that it was really fun and you’d be shocked at who you can find on there (and who will find you). I was shocked and now I may have a small addiction and 63 friends! It’s like an online reunion. I’ve talked to people that I haven’t talked to for over 10 years. Friends from Louisville, Auburn, Tallahassee, and elsewhere! It’s actually really fun and if anyone has some spare time and wants to see what the Facebook world has to offer… check it out, it’s free and relatively harmless! Just be careful, it’s kinda like ebay… addicting! 🙂 The only hang up I have is that I have yet to see anyone else on there with 2 children… which just reiterates my feeling too old!

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  • Kailee Grulich
    June 23, 2007 at 10:43 am

    I must say, I’m a fan of facebook too…and I actually talk to people from my elementary school on it, crazy!

  • Erika McPherson
    June 23, 2007 at 3:13 pm

    I love the facebook too! Glad you took the plunge D- it’ll keep you feeling young! 🙂 Paiger… I could kiss those precious little pink lips! And Morgan, wish you’d pack that lunch and come to the beach to see me! Cutest little girls in the world… thanks for sharing.
    love you all,

  • Anonymous
    June 28, 2007 at 5:59 am

    I cannot believe how much the girls change each time I look at their pictures. Darby, thanks for sharing. It means a lot to me because I miss them so much. So do Bob and Roz. Have not talked to Bobby yet, but I bet she misses looking out and seeing the girls. NC sounds and looks like it was a blast. What a beautiful home.