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"That’s What I’m Talkin’ ‘Bout!"

The Raiger & Momma Sissy

We had a wonderful weekend and it was such a treat to have Erika and Chance come by yesterday afternoon! Chance is from Geneva (just a little ways away from Dothan) and I hope to be on their way to or from Geneva every time they go. They came by here Sunday around 3 and since Morgan was still napping, Erika and I quickly escaped to “cat” around. I gave her a tour of the garden district and we decided while we were out we needed to go to Old Navy & T.J.’s (that’s short for T.J.Maxx; which is where Morgan’s best friend Judson says he works… makes Neal and Tami so proud!). We were having so much fun and finding so many good deals that time got away from us. Erika decided while I was checking out she’d run down to TJ’s and start looking. It wasn’t 2 mins later that she ran back in and said, “Darby, we have to go NOW! The lady just got on the loud speaker at TJs and said it was 7:50 and TJMaxx will be closing in 10 mins” She went on to tell me that I took too long in Old Navy. I knew we had been in there a while but I didn’t think it was possible that we were in there for 4 hours. I mean it was good but not that good! We got in the car to hurry home, knowing that we were going to meet 2 angry and hungry husbands. The car radio clock said 4:51. Apparently the employee was used to working on weekdays when they close at 8 o’clock. Sure got us out of there quickly! It was fun sister, let’s do that again soon, but lets wear watches next time. I don’t spend money unless you’re around though…. maybe we only better do it every other month! I’ll let Justin replenish the pine straw money before I deplete it again! 🙂 j/k Justin!

In addition to having a great visit I wanted to “blog” a few things about the girls and the things they do and say. First, I’ll start with the Raiger. She has finally cut her first tooth. I was starting to wonder if we were going to have to buy her a set of dentures but thankfully the first one has made it’s grand entry and hopefully the rest will follow shortly. In addition to cutting her first tooth, she has mastered “scooting”. She doesn’t crawl on all fours she scoots on her bottom. This enables her to hold toys in both hands and crawl all at the same time. It makes us laugh really hard. At the end of everyday the seat of her pants is filthy. She will wear out the bottom of her pants instead of the knees. The outside of her ankles are calloused from scooting them back and forth on the floor! Morgan has given her the lovely nickname, “Paiger Rager Scooter Rooter” I’m hoping and praying it doesn’t stick! 🙂

As for Morgan. She’s a bundle of energy and says things that make me laugh so hard that I wish everyone who knows her was here to hear her. Her latest saying is, “That’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout!” She says it when she colors well, when she gets her clothes on, when she eats something she likes… it’s hysterical. She’s 2 and 1/2 and loves to test me on just about everything. Bedtime is our biggest battle right now. You’d think we were locking her in a prison cell to sleep if you could hear her beg and plea to sleep in Mommy & Daddy’s room on a “powet” (pallet). Besides the “testing” she is an absolute delight and joy and makes us laugh out loud all day long!

Our third child, Squash the cat, has moved in. She is ALWAYS on the veranda and if the kitchen door is open she helps herself in. I put up a baby gate yesterday so I could have some morning sun in the kitchen without squash and sure enough that cat hopped the gate. I’ve never been a “cat person” so I was quite impressed. Apparently, a baby gate is cake for a cat! 🙂

Here’s my little “that’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout” eating her cereal… all prim and proper!

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  • Erika McPherson
    June 4, 2007 at 5:42 am

    Wow! That’s a lovely picture of me. 🙂 It was fun. Raiger is too sweet and Morgie and her precious ways… I can hardly stand it. I’d like to steal them both for a week… we could make lots of forts and color and eat cereal with our legs crossed!!! Can’t wait to go to the mountains! Is there TJs up there?

  • The Lane Family
    June 8, 2007 at 7:49 am

    It was good to see you last night! We need to go walking around our wonderful neighborhood sometime. I am glad you are in Dothan!