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Fun on the Family Farm

After 5 days of rest and relaxation on the family farm (with 15% humidity) it was hard to head back to the rental house and 100% humidity! But we’re here and I’m very refreshed and restored after having a fantastic visit with my family in Illinois! We left Friday and only made it to Nashville, we spent the night, and made the rest of the trip on Saturday! We got back last night… after a 12 hour drive we were exhausted. Thankfully my husband is the driver in the family and all I have to do is tell him every move to make! 🙂 Actually, I did pretty good this time and only made suggestions when I thought our life was potentially in danger!

Morgan absolutely loves her “Mom” and “Daddy Boy” and especially loves their farm. It’s so exciting to see her explore and run free. Our favorite time of the day up there is early morning. We took advantage of great weather and NO mosquitoes to take the girls out early. Morgan loved walking through the garden, the fruit trees, the corn fields, and especially going across the street to see the roosters. Mom and Daddy Boy’s neighbor has the BIGGEST baby pool we have ever seen. Graciously, Miss Debbie, let Morgan swim until her heart was content…. and don’t think Justin and I didn’t enjoy it too! We’re thinking about getting one here at the rental house! 🙂 Along with our walking explorations, we thoroughly enjoyed our driving explorations! The “Gator” and 4 wheelers were a big hit too!

One of most cherished moments this weekend was to see Howard. Howard is Mimi’s (my grandmother– dad’s mom) husband of almost 20 years and is very sick. We went to see him in the hospital but were surprised to find out that they had sent him home. It was sad to see him so sick but yet we were so thankful that we got to see him. Morgan gave him a big hug and told him that she loved him. It was a tearful moment and I couldn’t help but think that we will probably not have an opportunity to see him again. Thank you, Mimi, for your hospitality in the middle of all that you are going through right now. We loved being with you!!
Before we left on Wednesday morning, Mom and Daddy Boy’s neighbor pulled up to the front porch on his bicycle. Morgan exclaimed, “Look!!! There’s a real farmer here!” We couldn’t resist a picture. She has always read books about farmers and she knew exactly what he was when she saw him. If you look at the pictures you will know how there was no mistaking Dale for a farmer!

While we were at the farm this weekend we received news that a friend who has been very close to me since my childhood is facing a preliminary diagnoses with cancer. Some of you may know Chris Kirtley, for those of you who don’t, he was as close as Erika and I would ever come to having a brother. He lives in Chicago and is still in the process of getting all the reports back from pathologists, but early reports show that he has a cancerous tumor in his jaw. We are praying for a miracle, one that we know our Great Physician can heal. Please lift Chris and his family up while they face many doctor’s appointments. Pray also for his healing as he had a rather invasive biopsy done last Friday. I will do my best to keep you posted! For now, on his behalf, I just ask you for your prayers. I know that he covets them! Here is a picture of Chris from Erika’s wedding in October.

Here’s the link to our pictures from the farm! Pull up and chair and get yourself a drink… there are a lot of them!


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  • Hannah Fields
    August 3, 2007 at 7:14 pm

    Darby, your pictures are absolutely beautiful!!! Your girls are getting so big. It looks like you had a great time. Don’t you love vacation.

  • The Pavliches
    August 6, 2007 at 6:23 am

    Loved your pictures! What an amazing farm…and adorable girls!!
    Love Laura