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Ok, we found it… right where I thought it was… the very bottom of the trash can…. just the thought (& smell of it) make me want to gag. I looked, Justin looked, then I went outside and recovered the prior bag of trash and sorted through it (w/gloves on)… all to no avail. Then late last night Justin searched again and low and behold… it was in the very bottom of the bag. I’ve sprayed the camera with Lysol and wiped it down with antibacterial wipes. (Anne you’d be proud… actually you’d probably be grossed out and would have thrown it away and bought another one!)

In case you are wondering why on earth my 15 month old had my digital camera…

You see the girls and I went to run some errands yesterday morning and apparently between loading the girls into the car Squash kitty snuck (I know it’s not a word but “sneaked” doesn’t sound right) in the house. When we returned from our errands I walked in the house with one arm full of Raiger and one arm full of Arby cheddar melts and found Squash curled up on our sofa. I couldn’t believe it. While Morgan was still in her car seat, I snapped a quick picture of her. She was so cute and so illegally in the house and she was rather annoyed because I was interrupting her beauty rest. Anyway, I sat down the Arby’s, the Raiger, and my camera and scooped up Squash and went to the car to get Morgan. When I returned the camera was gone… and now we know where it was! Sweet Raiger, I forgive you. In fact, when I asked her last night if she put mommy’s camera in the trash she nodded her head “yes” but I looked and couldn’t find it… apparently, I didn’t look hard enough! So glad it didn’t make it’s way to the dump!!

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  • Jennisa
    November 13, 2007 at 10:17 pm

    YIPPIE! So glad you found it! Looking forward to seeing more photos of your beauties now!!!

  • Dena
    November 14, 2007 at 7:17 pm

    Ok – so I didn’t know snuck wasn’t a word – it totally should be! I so wish the girls could play together – they would have a blast!

    And of course where else would that camera be?

  • Household6
    November 17, 2007 at 7:48 am

    I think someone spammed my blog!!! YIKES!!

    Gabe was fascinated with the trash can at that age too! I can’t tell you how many trash bags I’ve dug through. Your smart, I never have gloves…..YUCK!!