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A Much Needed Escape…

Justin and I had a fabulous 24 hour escapade to the lake (Silver Lake- a small, private, spring-fed lake near Marianna, FL) on Sunday. His parents kept the girls and we headed south for a little R&R. We both came to the realization that we don’t do this often enough…. and sadly to say, if ever! The last time we got away (just the 2 of us) over night was a trip to Cumberland Island 4 years ago and we didn’t even have kids then. We’re hoping to be more intentional about treating ourselves to some time away… it’s very beneficial to our mental health, especially mine. I’ve been in this rut of feeling like all I ever do is clean the house and tend to the children… oh wait, that is pretty much what I do. God has convicted me of this “rut” and I’m truly working on finding joy in folding socks, scrubbing toilets, scrubbing behinds, and pouring milk… and then wiping it up when it gets spilt. Anyway, it was such a special treat to not have to put anyone in jammies, brush teeth, read stories, and put them to bed… not to mention the other 1,000 chores that come in a 24 hour period! Justin’s parents graciously kept the girls for us and we enjoyed peace and quiet that only the lake has to offer! Trust me, with a house that’s still not finished I was tempted to stay here and get things done… I’m glad Justin talked me out of that one!

Thanks, Chris, for the pictures below… you seem to capture the lake in all it’s glory. The lake has a sand bottom and is spring-fed. The water is CRYSTAL clear (as you will see) and appears to be bright blue… that would be the color of the sky reflecting off of crystal clear water. It’s the most beautiful lake I’ve ever seen in my life. No brown water…. you can always see your feet no matter where you are in it! That’s my kinda lake! 🙂

the view from the porch

the water

Another view from the porch… the covered dock you see is where Justin asked me to marry him 6 1/2 years ago! 🙂 precious memories!

The Saturday before we went on our trip we enjoyed a quick trip to the farm. We had a lot of fun… the girls both love to explore. Here are a few pictures from our farm outing:

the Raiger & her fruit-roll-up
Ava & Morgan (Ava’s 11 months older and 11 inches taller!:))

Daddy & Raiger

Mommy & Raiger

Look @ all that HAIR!
The girls and I had big plans today! We were going to go play with my good friend & pledge sister from Auburn, Tara, and her 2 little girls, Towns & Cate. Morgan got sick in the car on the way there and puked everywhere. I mean, everywhere. If you recall, I’m not a fan of pukers but this little puker I love and felt very sorry for. We had to cancel our trip to play and we were all so disappointed. Morgan is a projectile vomiter (I’ll spare you any more details… you can let your imaginations run) and I spent the afternoon in the car, disinfecting and cleaning. If you’ve ever disassembled, cleaned a reassembled a car seat you know it takes the better part of a day! Once she got it all out of her system she seemed to be just fine. Maybe it was bad apple juice? Who knows! I’m just glad it’s behind her.
The girls were down by 7:45, it’s 8:50 now and I’m ready for bed myself. It’s been a long day and I’m one tired Mama!! Good night my friends!

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  • Ashley
    March 19, 2008 at 6:01 am

    That is awesome that you got away for a little while, though I am sure you were ready to see the little ones after your getaway! The lake is so cool – not too similar to ole Lake Guntersville (Tegan can confer)! Whew – love the blue water!

  • erika
    March 19, 2008 at 6:03 am

    Sister! Raiger is growing so fast- I can hardly believe my eyes! I think her hair has grown 3 inches since I saw her last!! I MISS YOU!

  • Ashley
    March 19, 2008 at 8:28 am

    I’m glad y’all were able to get away! It’s so nice you have your very own vacation spot too! That water makes me want to jump in…Walker thinks I’m nuts b/c when I see water I just want to go swimming! I’m ready to take a dip in the Stickler pool this summer!
    I love those little, sweet girls of yours too!

  • LeslieW.
    March 19, 2008 at 10:38 am

    Good for you! You guys look great, I hope you get to do that more often!