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Rockin’, Quiltin’, & Leavin’

It’s fairly late on Monday night but I’ve learned lately if I don’t post now {at night} I won’t do it in the morning…. so here I am! ūüôā

We had a great night tonight, as I’ve mentioned before, we’re in a small group with other couples that meets every Monday in our home. Tonight, like most every Monday night, I feel so encouraged and filled. It truly is such an encouragement to me. I love those people deeply and I love to spend time working through tough questions & Scripture. Our latest book is A.W. Tozer’s The Pursuit of God. This is not what I would consider “easy reading” but rather challenging and¬†enriching. Tonight’s chapter ¬†challenged me to live by and follow the Spirit of God; to lay my pride aside. While I feel very encouraged tonight, I also have tinge of what I’d like to think is righteous anger towards the fallenness & sinfulness¬†of¬†humanity. I got a reality check tonight¬†that people who call on Christ as their Savior do not escape sin; powerful sin that can ensnare men and¬†rip families and lives apart. Sin is grotesque, deceptive, & destructive and tonight¬†I grieve for families who’s lives have been forever scarred by it. I’m also thankful that our God is bigger than any sin and there is power in His blood to redeem and restore!!

You probably weren’t expecting to hear all of that… but it’s fresh on my mind and heart. The rest of this post is fresh on my mind too but much lighter in subject matter and I’m¬†slightly challenged on how to transition from the fallen state of man to what I did this weekend… but here goes…

This weekend… We had a great weekend and enjoyed time with good friends and good music.¬†I went to two concerts. Indelible Grace¬†one night and Lincoln Brewster¬†the next. They were very different but both wonderful & worshipful. I absolutely love music. I can’t sing worth a durn but sure enjoy listening to others. They also both made me feel old because I thought they were very loud. ūüôā

I also cussed a little this weekend. That’s what quilting makes me do. If you’ve been around a while you may remember that I attempted my first quilt back in December and what an ordeal that little thing was. I didn’t even bind it and it nearly made me nutty. Well this weekend I started a little project for my ktichen then decided it was too cute for my kitchen that something cute needed to belong to someone cute so I ended up making a very small quilt for my new baby, Sloane. ūüôā Erika close your eyes!


I watched a YouTube video on ‘how to attach quilt binding by machine’ {by the way, it’s really amazing what you can learn on YouTube, it also taught me how to ‘stitch in the ditch’}. Anyway, she failed to mention, or maybe she did and I didn’t pay attention, that if you are attaching the binding by machine you are blinded to see where the stitches are going on the underside of the quilt.¬†A few lightweight cuss words later and I resigned the fact that the quilt would ever be perfect. The back of the quilt binding is full of flaws… I got over it fairly quickly because I know Sloane loves her MommaSis’ so much that she won’t care if the stitches look like poo. I combined some sweet fabrics on the front with a soft flannel on the back, I can’t wait to wrap her in it and kiss her face. I’ll be sure to take a picture when I do.


The quilt started as a dish mat, which is why there is terrycloth underneath it on the table. Somehow it quickly morphed into a quilt. But when I was all done I still wanted a dish mat. So I then proceeded to make a dish mat.

What the heck is a dish mat? It’s kinda like a bath mat for your dishes, you know the dishes that come out of the dishwasher still soaking wet after they’re apparently “DRY”.¬†


I was inspired by SouleMama’s¬†Handmade Home projects. I don’t have the book but apparently she has a tutorial for a bath mat made from old towels. Mine is not made from old towels, nor is it a bath mat… but I was inspired by an application for dishes that I¬†saw on her blog!

I preshrunk my fabric & terrycloth. I also wanted my dots to look like they were inset in the flowers. So I used a triple stitch on the outside of each dot seam so they would appear to be inset.¬†Both of these fabrics are from Amy Butler’s Midwest Modern collection.


Here’s a close up of a ‘triple stitch’. Check your sewing machine’s owner’s manual to see if you have it. I love it… it’s decorative while not being too decorative. It basically stitches three times… forward, backward, forward to give you a nice substantial looking stitch.


I think you each need a dish mat and I think everyone on your Christmas list needs one too.


I¬†know you lay a towel on top of your dishwasher every time you unload it. Wouldn’t this be so much more fun?


And last but not least, I’m leaving on a jet plane to see this man, my father {aka DaddyBoy– who recently asked me to be his friend on Facebook}.


Daddy Boy caught wind of my recent date with Morgan and asked if he could take me on a date. My date is not out for a cookie at Barnes & Noble… although I’d be up for that too. My date is a long¬†5-day weekend in Chicago. Mom will be leaving Erika and Sloane and joining me. I’m really excited about going but¬†not excited about leaving 3 little scallywags and Justin¬†behind. Justin will be Mr. Mom while I’m away… you can pray for him! ūüôā I’m not sure if I’ve ever shared that I’ve lived in Chicago {well, a suburb outside called St. Charles} twice and DaddyBoy currently has an apartment there. I’m excited to see old friends, a new baby, my precious cousin, and enjoy a real taste of fall weather! We’ll likely hit the Kane County flea market and I’m hoping to a run through Ikea because I’ve never been to one…. anything else I need not miss?! Besides a drive up to Elgin for a malted milkshake from Al’s Ice Creamery!!

House before & after post coming SOON!!!

50 In Life/ Sewing

My Baby is Bipedal

The rover is all over and almost exclusively bipedal.


My therapy this week was making him his new “band” outfit.¬†


It felt really good to start & finish something.

Have I mentioned lately that his eyelashes are completely out of control? {His hair is too but I love it that way!} ¬†I can assure you these are not from my gene pool. No man on this planet should be allowed to have long, thick, dark¬†eyelashes. It’s simply not fair.


I’m going to attach a few clips of Rover in action… and his sister in action. Keep in mind no children were harmed the making of these videos.

I’ll be back soon with exterior house pictures and sources… as soon as the electrician shows back up!! It’s been 3 weeks since¬†he first came and hasn’t returned…. argh!

For those of you with embroidery machines: the guitar on JM’s shirt came free from Planet Applique. They have really cute¬†& simple designs¬†at very reasonable prices! The pants are a pattern by Bonnie Blue called “Jillian”… they’re great and I’ve used them for boys and girls. The t-shirt was a $5 pocket tee from Target and those little pockets come off in about 5 seconds with a seam ripper!

{videos embedded below may not come through reader}


43 In Life/ Sewing

Monkey Mail & More

I’m thinking about building a new website, it’s going to be:¬†and you all can create bios and upload beautiful pictures of yourselves.¬†If Josh had any insecurities he can throw them all out the window now. You all sure were kind. It’s a good thing I didn’t tell you all he’s going to be doctor. While I’m on the subject of the band I will tell you that they are getting all geared up to share some of their songs with you. They have also become new readers of the blog.¬†Welcome boys! I mean, men.

Thank you, also, for your prayers for Melinda and her family!

In other news, Morgan’s preschool class had a¬†big “T” party this week.


They were instructed to wear “fancy tea party attire”. We chose this beautiful dress that was passed down to us {thanks, Alyssa!}.

Along with the learning about the letter “T”, the teachers have also been teaching about manners. Each lady had a gentleman who helped her with her chair and danced with her.¬†¬†Morgan’s gentleman was Jacob.¬†


He was so thankful that Morgan doesn’t have long hair like her best friend, Kate.

Kate’s mom seems to have caught this all on tape. Kate’s dad is probably really excited that she lacerated her gentleman’s cornea with her long locks. I feel certain that Justin will no longer let me cut Morgan’s hair; it lacks the weapon-like abilities of long hair.

And last but not least, I got some monkeys in the mail today.

The kind man at the post office helped me stuff ALL of them in one fairly small priority mail box. They were due today, in California, I live in Alabama. My favorite slogan, is always… “better late than never”!

I had several friends over last week to make them. We had so much fun and lots of laughs. Every thing I’m trying to say right now about these monkeys sounds very inappropriate… so, just imagine how thankful I was that the band wasn’t here while the monkeys were being made.


They’re¬†all for¬†Craft Hope 4. I’m already excited to see what’s in store for Craft Hope 5… the first 4¬†rounds have been a¬†wonderful success. These monkeys are all being delivered to children who have been burned. If you have time to explore their site, I highly recommend you read the account of the handmade dolls that made their way to Nicaragua. It’s powerful and reminds me of what little time and materials these type projects take to make such an ENORMOUS impact in the life of a child.

These only took one pair of socks, a cup of coffee was optional, but highly recommended.




I used this fabulous, step-by-step tutorial. They would make precious stocking stuffers… you may want to bookmark that page!

Hope you all have wonderful weekends.