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Snake Charmer!

If you know Justin at all, then you know he was so proud of his girl for handling this snake with such poise. First, I will defend myself by saying that I would never let my child hold a snake that I thought would hurt her in any way (and of course Justin wouldn’t either– that’s not to say that he wouldn’t handle one that could hurt him… but that’s another subject). This is a very small snake (it actually looks bigger in the pictures than it did in real life) and it’s a rat snake, which is not poisonous and Justin held it first for a long time to make sure it was calm and kind. It never once seemed to be bothered by being held, even by a 2 year old who has a tight grip. With that said, as you will see, our little naturalist loved every minute of it. She’s a lover of all creatures and a snake to her was even more exciting than a frog or toad. In fact, she was very sad to put it back in the fern where it came from. But we easily distracted her by showing her the mouse/rat (not sure which it was) that Squash had brought home half eaten. 🙂

My sister in law came by this morning to borrow a fern for the annual 4 year old preschool Tea Party. She was surprised to find this little snake when she got the fern to school. No need to fear, Justin was there in a minute to rescue the snake from the children, rather than rescue the children from the snake. He got there before the kids were even there and drove the snake home to show Morgan. I can just imagine him driving down the road while holding this snake… it would be a tough accident to explain if he wrecked along the way. Anyway, I couldn’t resist a few pictures!

I’m happy to announce that I have successfully returned our new swimming pool to a lovely shade of blue! Morgan has been swimming in it the last 2 days and thinks it’s so “cool” that it’s in our new yard. She ran around the pool today and I told her there’s no running at the pool, she replied, “Well, there’s no lifeguard, Mama!” I explained that I was the lifeguard now. And she asked, “Then where’s your whistle!?” The funny thing is that she wasn’t being smart, she just really wanted to know if I had a whistle and then told me that we really needed to go to Target to get one! 🙂
For those of you who have checked in on the Farley’s blog, please continue to keep them in your prayers. Little Copeland is doing okay and they have posted new pictures of her! What a precious gift she is from God. I keep reminding myself that we serve such an awesome King who is a Creator and a Physician. He, who created Copeland, will also be the one to sustain them in their time of need. What an omnipotent God we have! It is so evident that they hold tightly to the truth and it’s amazing how it has carried them thus far. Although I have no idea the depth of their pain and suffering, I recognize that the empathy I have is a gift from God to help me pray for them. My heart aches for them. I think of my children and I am in agony with them. Please keep them in your prayers!

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  • erika
    September 19, 2007 at 1:52 pm

    okay, so this is taking it too far. 🙂 what if morgie mistakes a diamond back or a Pygmy rattlesnake for a sweet little rat snake!? you should lean towards rat terriers and not rat snakes.
    i probably would have had a heart attack had i been there. morgie BE CAREFUL at the pool and with the SNAKES!